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Favorite ThisSkytree: Crystal Consciousness

Published: December 7, 2011

We first discovered Skytree, Minnesota's Evan Snyder, when assembling 2011 Digital Music Sampler, for which he contributed the tryptamine-laced "See-Through Time," a buoyant journey through post-post-dubstep bass magic. Looking back on last month's full-length release, Crystal Consciousness, that reverberant downtempo bass work is evident throughout the subtly woven fabric of this 13-track offering. Skytree enlists the breath-snatching vocals of Mimi Page for his "Neverending World," an ethereal trip through foggy highlands. Throughout the album, Snyder takes the best qualities of the beat scene (Flying Lotus' bubbling minimalism and TAKE's rubbery experimentation) and adds his own psychedelic philosophy. Highlights include "Agartha," and "Antediluvian Dub," along with the enticingly dark "Night Heron," which kind of sounds like an ancient robot gaining sentience in the mud-streaked back alleys of Mumbai. Those with a penchant for the otherworldly in their bass music would be well-served to dive into Consciousness. 

Grab the new 13-track release from Sktyree, Crystal Consciousness, for a price of your choosing. This psychedelic basscapade is well worth your time and your dime.

Tags: BreaksDowntempoDrum and BassDubstepGlitchLivetronicaPsytrance