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Favorite ThisSkytree - Antediluvian Dub (Christ. Remix)

Published: July 18, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

Last summer, we introduced some of you to the mind-bending and wholly original vision of Evan Snyder, aka Skytree. For those who haven't been following his unique take on glitch-hop and futuristic bass music, imagine being led on a time-traveling journey in a rickety wooden gondola by a shamanic cyborg. That's kinda like it. Snyder is partnering with some amazing artists in his scene like Bird of Prey, Beard-o-Bees (Jesse Miller from Lotus), Smilodon, and others to build a remix project which will also feature new Skytree originals, due out in a couple of months. Today, we bring you an exclusive sneak peak at the project with a remix from Christ. (ex Boards of Canada) of Skytree's "Antediluvian Dub." Squelchy squeaks and bleeping blips skitter across the surface of this textured track. At times sharp and other times smooth, curving in and out of the frame and bending the laws of time and space, this remix is head music for the headiest of snobs. We like that it's also fun for lay people. If this doesn't get you excited for more Skytree, you're in the wrong business.