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Favorite ThisSKEW debuts cinematic cut 'Charged Up'

Published: January 29, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

SKEW - Cyborg RisingWe first featured SKEW more than a year ago alongside fellow Hamburgers (they're from Germany, they aren't mythical food creatures like Grimace and Mayor McCheese) yunis and FO'REAL. Their collab track “w/u” caught our attention, much like his new EP, Cyborg Rising, which is out February 1 on Saturaterecords.

Fans have already heard a couple of preview singles, but today we premiere the lead track, “Charged Up,” which evokes a new installment in the Terminator series with a battle-hardened, sneering cyborg rising from the rubble. Fully charged and ready to wreak havoc, this cinematic introduction to the new SKEW EP is an exciting glimpse of what this talented German producer can create. Some classic G Jones and PROKO vibes here with a splash of silver screen ambiance.

Cyborg Rising out now

Tags: Trap