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Favorite ThisSizzleBird releases imaginative EP Enchanted [Out NOW]

Published: December 18, 2015

By: Logan Podbielski

In a modern music world that is dominated by one hit wonders and remix kings, I find it ever so pleasant to come across a truly original artist with a unique sound and message. If any of you agree, then look no further than Ot Moruno Bird aka SizzleBird. Only two years into professional production Moruno, is already making a name for himself both here in the U.S. and in the United Kingdom, from whence he hails. The “secret ingredient” to his sound is his masterful violin work. Having played since he was 5, there is no wonder why this man seems to have no limits at to where his sound can evolve. Each song is fairly short, yes, but oh so sweet.

After listening to his new EP, Enchanted, it seems Moruno has already started the evolution of his advanced violin skills and how he incorporates that into his production. By design, the opening five tracks have an uplifting feel to them that will have any listener feeling exuberant, but with enough melodic variety that the production is still quite impressive. The opening track “Midnight” really showcases Moruno’s ability to incorporate his violin just as simply as Gramatik incorporates guitar riffs. The following two tracks are collaborative efforts. “Life Goes On” and “Silhouette” both feature lovely assisting vocals from Bea Marshall. The latter even has a Kygo-esque theme to it that illuminates SizzleBird’s development not just as a violinist but as a producer, as well. “Moving On” and the title track, “Enchanted” close out this cohort of tunes. Enchanted sincerely feels like an aural clash of cultures, combining violin, bass, and what sounds like sitar work. A trio that creates quite atmosphere.

The closing two tracks “Forest Path” and “Are You There (Feat. Nori)” definitely provide a darker side to this EP. There is a higher emphasis on synthetic sounds and beats rather than instrumentation but I also believe that these last two songs validate and expose the artistic integrity behind SizzleBird’s music. He has no scheduled shows at the moment but this makes it 5 comprehensive EP’s now that any interested listener can dive into. We here at The Untz do not regret our submersion and we are sure you won’t, either.

Tags: DowntempoGlitchLivetronica