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Favorite ThisSixis stuns fans with his bold new sound on Mirrored

Published: August 20, 2018

By: Jonathan Gross

Sixis - Mirrored EPLike the rest of Sixis' fan base, we were utterly floored upon hearing the bold new sounds of Ben Wyss.

There was an inkling of a sonic shift from Sixis after the release of The Last Question back in March of 2017. Our assumptions were further solidified after a brash remix of Frequent's “DEILD” came out. But we were not quite prepared for the insane sound design of Mirrored, the two-track EP released by the resurgent Enig'matik Records last week.

Both “Faceless” and the title track, “Mirrored,” feature shades of... well... Shades, as well as Kursa, Reso, and Broken Note of the SLUG WIFE team. Heavy, snub-nosed neuro bass and psychedelic glitch come up against intricate sound design splayed across broken beat drum and bass and halftime. His collaboration with Whitebear, “Shiver,” which also dropped this month on Enig'matik is a sign of the changing times, and boy are we ready.

Wyss has always had a penchant for dark, brooding beats, but these latest offerings elevate his sonic signature to new heights. Or should we say “depths,” because these two tracks are dark af.

Sixis will be performing at Juniper Jam next month in Skull Valley, Arizona, an ominous sounding spot between Phoenix and Flagstaff that really does sound like a perfect place for these beats. The following weekend he is at OI Equinox in Santa Barbara, California.

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Sixis - Mirrored [Trailer_Enig'matik Records] from Enig'matik Records on Vimeo.

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