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Favorite ThisSirensCeol - Fire (Original Mix) [Play Me Free]

Published: June 19, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Uh oh, SirensCeol is no longer our dirty little secret. We had our private time with Bay Area prodigy Stephen Burke, but our little fling has been discovered. One of the most progressive brands in the biz, Reid Speed's Play Me Records, has set its sights on the production wizard, releasing his latest banger, "Fire," as a free treat. With a sonic aesthetic comparable to Porter Robinson or Zedd, the signature Burke flourishes are still present, and the meticulous attention to detail is demonstrated, as usual. Now that the labels have caught wind of the firebrand SirensCeol (no pun intended), we're expecting to see plenty of remixes, new singles, and even major releases on the horizon. The secret's out.