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Favorite ThisSirensCeol - Close Encounters [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Published: February 1, 2013

We told you to look out for Stephen Burke, didn't we? We told you, and did you listen? Hopefully. If you did, you enjoyed it. And now look--for a guy who just started producing dubstep, I think he's got the hang of it, right? Obviously, SirensCeol knows what he's doing, and if you read his exclusive interview with, you understand that this young producer from Berkeley knows what he's doing with those gorgeous chopped vocals, monster drops, and production technique. The prodigy is still in college, working away at his studies, if you can believe that. And if you couldn't figure out he's a piano prodigy, well, you're out of luck. Know the name SirensCeol (and figure out how to pronounce it), because it's going to be on the test.