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Favorite ThisSingularity - Ness [HORIZON EP out 5/13 on Play Me]

Published: May 10, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Finding out Singularity can produce trap--like seriously stellar trap--is like Leonardo DaVinci being like "Oh you like the Mona Lisa? You know I invented the life preserver, right?" It's like finding out Leonardo DiCaprio could play a lovable Irish scamp who stows away on a doomed ship, and then finding out he could play a lovable Irish scamp who burned the city of New York down and stabbed people and stuff. It would be like if Michael Jordan was actually decent at baseball. Singularity isn't just "good" at trap, he crushed it. Known for gorgeous lovestep builds and powerfully emotive climaxes, dude just gets dirty on "Ness." That smooth, swaggering intro drops right off the damn table. And you can catch it Monday (5/13) when it's out as part of the Horizon EP on Play Me Records.