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Favorite ThisSingularity ft Nilu - Horizon

Published: April 2, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

When discussing the most important lovestep producers on the scene today, Seven Lions is going to come up. That should just be taken for granted. You'll also want to bring up young gun Joe Torre, better known as MitiS. But no conversation would be complete without mentioning Singularity. We've had our eyes and ears on him for a while, but we're on the cusp of his latest release, Horizon, and now we're absolutely salivating. Today's pick is the title track from the forthcoming EP, which features the lush vocals of Nilu Madadi of the art rock outfit Nilu. Of course it's got the requisite symphonic builds, soul-wrenching drop, and soaring vox--it's a Singularity composition. What makes this one even more appealing is that it's free. Absolutely free. This new EP couldn't come soon enough!