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Favorite ThisSinger, songwriter, producer Jordan Moser reinvents himself as Tyger

Published: March 22, 2015

By: Irina Groushevaia

New York: a city where talent is born, is ready to gift you with a multi-faceted musician and producer Tyger.

Jordan Moser’s fresh EP will make you rethink the possibilities of contemporary dance music by grooving it up with some sweet nostalgia from the 80’s and juxtaposing it with futuristic vibes. Crank up your headphones to dissolve in this ocean of nouveau pleasure.

“All the records started to sound the same to me, so I moved into the indie scene here in New York, mixed it up with some old 80’s sounds and got inspired to exit out of the EDM world into the indie-rock world, ” said Moser. “I want to reestablish myself as an artist and come up with a totally new sound that is not manufactured like all the EDM stuff out there.”

Tyger’s music, a reflection of Moser's own personality, is very flowing, easy going; adding a lightness to everyday dullness. Moser worked on this album after quitting his day job and traveling to Mexico and China to find his calling.

“I would also spend long nights in by myself working on the Tyger sound. I worked on and off for several months, trying to keep the sound consistent and 80's inspired,” noted Moser. “I really loved the nostalgic feel of 80's synths and Morrissey style vocals, mixed in with a bit of funk influence.”

As Moser underlines, “love for art and music” is the main concept that fueled his new EP. After coming from a more commercial background, Tyger found his new inspiration in letting go of those preconceptions about what fans might want. In his virtuoso electronic indie-pop collaborations, he kindly reminds us in “Give In To the Night,” to not take life so seriously.

The album is fun, but still meaningful, filled with handwritten lyrics by Moser that will fill your heart with compassion, love and enthusiasm to keep on going. By being able to recreate himself, Tyger recycled his EDM past into a new exciting and powerful subgenre.

Get ready to enter a new world of synths that will caress your ears and lyrics that will caress your heart, because this album is grrrrreat!

And as Tyger put it, “Rawr!”

Tags: ElectronicaHouse