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Favorite ThisSigrah debuts haunting single 'Erath' from new EP

Published: October 12, 2018

By: Anand Harsh

SigrahIt's been exactly a year since we last premiered a new song from Portland, Oregon's Ben Sigrah. “Underground Sound” was a stepping stone for the Pacific Northwest producer who really found his sonic aesthetic in the twisted circuitry of experimental bass.

The latest batch of Sigrah tunes comes out November 9. Each Friday, starting today, a new entry from the Fission Vision EP will be exposed, and we begin with “Erath.” A moody, dark inspection of clattering percussion and visceral, fuzzy leads ripples off of this tune. This young artist really honed in on his signature sound, and embraced what makes him a hit in the underground scenes.

The sonic reflection of Sigrah's stark repertoire comes across in the stunningly illustrated album art from Natalie Hands, who also designed the accompanying merch.

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