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Favorite ThisShy Guy Says - Round 1 (They Meet) [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Published: November 13, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Raised by Nintendo, and fueled by circuit bent 808's, Shy Guy Says blazes through the post-apocalyptic landscape astride The Hellephant, bound for your town. Jarrod Linne has been breaking out of the midwest bit by bit, taking his trap game to new levels, but always staying true to the downtempo, glitch, broken beat, and drum & bass that brought him this far. His latest EP, out Nov 18th on Rad Summer, showcases just what he's been cooking up in his beatlab, while he's been busy road-dogging it around the country on club and festival dates.
"Round 1 (They Meet)" is a stylized combat etude imagining a stanky basement brawl between E Honda and Blanka as scored by DJ Shadow on a four-day bath salt bender. Rough and rugged, the irreverent take on D&B demonstrates nothing is sacred when the Shy Guy is at the helm. What out for the bob-ombs. The Hellephant is out Nov 18th on Beatport via Rad Summer, with a wide release to follow on Dec 2nd.

Enjoy this classic Shy Guy cut, showing off his roots in hip-hop and glitch.

Tags: GlitchHip Hop