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Favorite ThisShwex & Mumukshu lead off Shanti Planti Rhythm Code II compilation

Published: October 30, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

Over the past couple of years, we've become extraordinarily familiar with Shanti Planti, a collective of transformational and psychedelic midtempo, glitch, and downtempo dub producers from all over the world. In order to keep the lights on support this incredible resource for some of our favorite cutting-edge artists, the new Rhythm Code II compilation is out now for a nominal fee. Featuring tracks from Tribone & Whitebear, Quanta, Halfred, Globular, Bogtrotter, and more, this is a who's-who of up-and-comers in the psy world.

Leading off the compilation is "Hidden Anomaly," from Shwex & Mumukshu. The pair of Nathan Wexler and Jacob Penn has been a thrilling one to watch, always producing exciting new music and performing exhilarating sets. Their contribution to this compilation is a smooth, multi-faceted journey though bleeps, bloops, squishes, and squelches, painting this rich canvas of trippy sounds on an organic canvas. This is the output of two artists totally in sync with one another, and a shining example of the treats on this incredible compilation.

Support Shanti Planti by grabbing Rhythm Code II today!

Tags: BreaksDubstepElectronicaGlitch