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Favorite ThisSh*t You Missed: EDM Week in Review [Dec 21-Jan 3]

Published: January 3, 2014
By: Anand Harsh

Sh*t You Missed: EDM Week in review [Dec 21-Jan 3]Lots of shit happens each week, so it's our job to shovel it into a pile, polish it up, and present it to you, so you're on top of everything. We don't want you looking dumb in front of your friends, after all. Don't be a sad Skrillex, like this guy to your left.

This is called "Shit You Missed," but in some senses, it's also "Shit WE Missed." Especially since we took a week off. So we'll cover the past TWO weeks, which is fine, because everyone is still emerging from their NYE eggnog hangover. SirensCeol got kicked off the decks (crazy), Paris Hilton tells us how much money she's making (yikes), and Skrillex joins What So Not (kinda). Also, fuck yeah, Emancipator Ensemble is hitting the road!

Grand SF kicks SirensCeol off the decks for not playing shitty music
SirensCeol kicked off the decks
When are nightclubs going to learn their lessons? With the Miami debacle over DJ Shadow's set that was "too future," didn't other club owners realize that kicking a talented act off the decks for not playing pop crap is going to blow up in their faces every time? It's bad enough nightclubs have a reputation for pumping tired Top 40 drek for unsophisticated dummies who just want to grind mindlessly, but do you have to live up to it??

Apparently the Grand Nightclub in San Francisco felt the need to. Late last month, one of our favorite producers today, Stephen Burke, a.k.a. SirensCeol was removed for refusing to play mainstream shit.

First of all, it's bad enough that so many clubs across this nation are held hostage by the high rollers in the VIP section getting bottle service and completely disengaging with the music. For those patrons to control the music for the evening, instead of the DJ hired to do JUST THAT, it's not difficult to understand why electronic music talent is fleeing the club scene for real music venues and theaters.

To make matters worse, the Grand tried to embarrass Burke by publishing his "playlist," which they thought would demonstrate that he had a script from which he could not deviate. Au contraire, closer inspection of the list shows that SirensCeol was actually keeping in mind harmonically related tunes so that his mix didn't sound like shit, and the seamless flow would not only match tempo, but also key signature. Turns out he knew how to DJ after all. Surprise, surprise.

The bottom line is, DON'T HIRE A DJ/PRODUCER UNLESS YOU WANT TO HEAR THEM PLAY THEIR MUSIC THEIR WAY. This is 'Murica, for Pete's sake. 

Wakarusa uses Sassy the Sasquatch to reveal Phase 1 lineup
Wakarusa 2014 Phase 1 Lineup
All thoughts have turned to summer now that the hoildays are over and there's nothing left to look forward to besides foot-high snowdrifts and sinus infections. This week, Wakarusa unviled its Phase 1 lineup, which includes returning headliner favorites Umphrey's McGee and STS9. The electronic / dance element is well-represented by Papadosio, Cherub, BoomBox, DJ Snake, Alvin Risk, ill.Gates, Phutureprimitive, Break Science, Buku, and more. Waka prides itself on variety, and there's plenty of that with this lineup. Expect more EDM in the coming weeks, with announcements to follow the next two Thursdays (Jan 9 and 16).

Disco Biscuits fulfill lifelong dream of playing MSG (Theater)

Yeah, we missed the boat on this, but it's still a hilarious video. Marc Brownstein and Aron Magner of The Disco Biscuits discuss what a dream come true it is to play the legendary Madison Square

Emancipator Ensemble releases debut recap video, tour starts SOON

For those who missed the Emancipator Ensemble debut in Denver and Boulder, we now have this lovely video from the BoulderPM folks to get us cranked up for the national tour, which kicks off in just ten days. Doug Appling's live band, which features Ilya Goldberg, Colby Buckler, and more will be touring the nation along with Odesza (who put out one of the Top 10 Glitch-Hop Songs of 2013) and Real Magic. What a treat!

Paris Hilton makes all of us look bad
If you already weren't feeling sorry for yourself, it was reported by TMZ last week that Paris Hilton makes about 300K an hour when she DJs. As upsetting as that is, while she claims she's in the Top 5 highest paid DJs, that's probably not accurate. Which may also make you feel bad. Nobody said life was fair.

Skrillex joins What So Not (Flume + Emoh Instead) on stage
Skrillex & Flume

The infamous Field Day Down Under paired some unlikely elements for a surprising performance. Flume made a triumphant return to Australia (and to the festival where he was a lowly contest-winning opener two years ago) with a headlining set that ended by bringing on his buddy Emoh Instead for their drool-worthy duo What So Not, which then added a third member: Skrillex. Sonny Moore reportedly got on the mic and joked "We are Swedish House Mafia." Rumors abound that Skrillex and Flume are collaborating on some material while the former is in OZ.

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