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Favorite ThisShpongle, The Polish Ambassador, Minnesota head Enchanted Forest 2016

Published: March 16, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

Enchanted Forest 2016

Festival season is in full swing, and one of our favorite events is returning to Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville, CA from July 22-24! That's right, the Enchanted Forest Gathering is back, and its lineup is an absolute doozy.

Bringing together some of the best in west coast bass, psychedelic dub, house, and future bass, this star-studded lineup has something for everyone. Kick things off with a big dose of Shpongle (as delivered by Simon Posford), then dial in one of the biggest names on the circuit today in The Polish Ambassador, then top that off with a heavy dollop of PANTyRAiD, Minnesota, and Autograf. They've also got Thriftworks, Bluetech, Reid Speed, StéLouse, Andreilien, CloZee, Nominus, Living Light, and so many more.

What makes Enchanted Forest so different from all the rest is while the music is top-notch, it's so much more than that. Incredible party-starting electronic acts are balanced by rich, indulgent live acts like Ayla Nereo, Hamsa Lila, Youssoupha Sidibe, and more. And beyond the music, there's yoga, art, visual delights from Johnathan Singer, Fractaled Visions, and more. Everyone who has gone will tell you this is where the magic happens. A gorgeous (and historic setting) is coupled with enriching friendships, tasteful and tantalizing decorations, and the coolest people you'll ever meet.

Visit to grab your tickets today!

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