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Favorite ThisShowtek: Slow Down (Official Music Video)

Published: May 7, 2013
By: Robert Martin

A child of the 90s, my knowledge of hardstyle is only in the lore of the “abandoned grocery store rave” and the oversized chain clad pants they used to sell at my local Hot Topic. Watching the video for “Slow Down,” a new track from Dutch duo and genre veterans Showtek, I have learned that much has changed. This formerly underground scene has reached the majors, and every big booty babe and shirtless bro from Ultra to Coachella is looking to get down. Okay, so visually there isn’t much going on here. The video is a laundry list of festival and dance music cliches (see LED shutter shades), but the track is another story. “Slow Down” does everything but, and is the perfect summer banger to get the club/party/crowd jumping. Showtek is proof that in 15 short years any subgenre can move from the grimey underground to the sun soaked masses.

Tags: Hard Dance