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Favorite ThisShlump premieres 'West Coast' from fifth stacked Saturate Records comp

Published: February 1, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

I have a tendency to overuse the word "stacked." Sure, I can bandy it about willy nilly when it comes to uber-festivals or particularly choice club dates, but honestly, the word stacked doesn't even begin to approach the level of talent jammed into the brand new Saturate Records compilation coming out tomorrow.

Saturated Vol. 5 has a comical number of talented acts from the dark and grimy world of Weird Bass. If any label is pushing that sound better than Saturate, we haven't seen or heard it. Trippy, trappy, unregulated, and off-the-rails, the more than 20 tracks on this comp come from the hottest acts in the industry, including G Jones, Bleep Bloop, Yheti, Conrank, Sayer, Noer the Boy, Mad Zach, Zeke Beats, Stylust Beats and Pigeon Hole, and so many more.

That's stupid stacked.

Today's premiere, which we were lucky to get in under the wire before this drops February 2, comes from northern California's Shlump. While many of the contributors on this compilation call that general region home, it's Michael Petzel who really caught our ears with his thrilling production on "West Coast." Fueling that bonkers breakdown with plenty of 808 flavors, the result is a head-bangin', knee-snappin' party. Of all the acts on this compilation, we've gotta say that Petzel really stands out with this offering.

Snag this one tomororw. Your Groundhog Day just got a lot weirder.

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