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Favorite ThisShlump, Moniker hit Wormhole Wednesday for The Untz Festival pre-party

Published: April 4, 2017

By: Kevin Sanders

Wormhole The Untz Festival Pre-Party

The experimental, left-field subgenre of the bass music scene is a quickly growing sideline of filth that rarely makes it off the smaller stages, but for most fans of the style, that is exactly what they want. It gives the show the underground feel that is the root of the current electronic mania sweeping ear holes nationwide. Thankfully, its slow rise means there are more events to attend, and this upcoming Wormhole Wednesday is the perfect exhibit to experience the tidal wave of bass that enthralls fans more and more with each experience.

For years, the Wormhole Music Group has been at the center of the underground movement in the Bay Area, where at the heart of the west coast bass scene, fans, artists, and promoters have collected at The New Parish to get a sense of for the new sounds, sights, and faces of the cause. On April 5th, our love for our Wormhole brothers and sisters reaches new heights in a culmination of everything we've all been working towards.

Wakaan is notorious for its hard hitting, experimental EDM that explicitly elicits your most primal stank face, instantly giving weight to any artist who releases even a song on this imprint, much less a full-length album. Shlump comes from the bass breeding ground of Santa Cruz, and is following closely in the footsteps of its most famous denizen Bassnectar by producing an eclectic assembly of songs where the only consistent sound is an inconsistent sound over a big fat line of bass. Headlining this sub bass soiree, make sure to follow the advice of Shlump’s Soundcloud, and “shake your booty” to this “alien bass musik.”

The Untz Festival 2017Another rising west coast bass act, Moniker originally from Tennessee now hails from Northern California and is the combined musical talent of CONTRA and escapeboard. While not as slow tempo and grinding as the other two headliners for this event, they nonetheless utilize bass so heavy your grandmother would (and should) be worried about your future sanity. Giving an upbeat flair to the experimental sound, Moniker supplies a refreshing juxtaposition to the darker beats provided by the rest of the main talent, and will make sure your head moves as spastically as it would avoiding a hornet; difference is, when this connects, the only sting is wishing you had experienced it sooner.

Flowing out of Seattle, ShermGerm is the slimy brainchild of Seattle bass enthusiast Brad Sherman. The most accurate description of this man's genius is if Tipper sounded “wet,” like the music you hear is in the form of descending precipitation, and the liquid drops are the notes that cascade upon your audio receptors. It makes little sense, but neither does how filthy this music is. While he may be the smallest of the producers talked about here, ShermGerm produces beats that keep up with anyone in the experimental bass scene, and should be noted for his especially nasty style of an already nasty genre.

With eye candy from Visualaurax and additional support from Pilz Beats, Head Soar, Zephyr, and more, the stage is set for the next new crop of talent to rise to the occasion and impress us in the run up to our 2018 festival. The wealth of young, creative producers is staggering.

Hosted by Wormhole, this Wednesday's event is held in conjunction with The Untz as a pre-party for our eponymous festival in June, and should be held as a harbinger of the grittiness that comes with it. Hosting a whole slew of the rawest producers in the scene, be sure to check out the Wormhole curated late-night stage complete with the Gnargate at The Untz Festival this summer. If this pre-party is any indication of what they will bring to the main event, you may want to camp out like a rail rider at this stage all day to not miss a minute of the madness. Visit to snag your tickets now—they're moving fast!

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