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Favorite ThisSHADES' EP Night the Dreadless Angel is a monster.

Published: April 12, 2017

By: Mitchell Treend

After its official release last month via 1985 Music, I have had just enough time to properly sink in to Night the Dreadless Angel, the brand new EP from intercontinental collaborators SHADES. Respectively, Alix Perez and EPROM are two seminal figures in the vast world of electronic music, combined; the two have formed one of the most exciting live acts on the circuit today. This release marks their third official EP and stands as a reminder that things are only just kicking off.

If you are unfamiliar with their tunes, prepare for a seriously raucous orientation. Night the Dreadless Angel is a powerhouse at the forefront of the continuously bourgeoning bass music scene in the US. With tracks like “Creepin” and “Sleaze” featuring Ivy Lab, SHADES has brought UK dance floor sensibilities combined with the holy beast that is EPROM’s modular synthesizer and allowed for another new dimension to emerge in the North American music scene. In four tracks, this EP presents an undeniable assertion that simplicity, savvy, and superior technical skill will reign supreme over any imposters emerging from the portal of commercialization.

I feel safe in saying that if you take the chance to listen to this as a long-time supporter or a new-arrival; you will come to a similar conclusion. SHADES has set the bar high. If you want to find out for yourself you can head over the 1985 Music Bandcamp page and purchase or stream the EP right now.

The Untz Festival 2017Better yet, you can join us this summer at The Untz Festival to catch EPROM and Ivy Lab hopefully dropping a few of these tunes for us under the sweet hot California sky. More info on Night the Dreadless Angel can be found on Soundcloud, Beatport, iTunes and more. You can also find out more about The Untz Festival (coming June 2-4 to Mariposa, California) and tickets right here as well!

We extend our deepest gratitude to the SHADES crew for bringing us one of the most exhilarating releases of the year and we can’t wait to see what they have in store next.

Visit to find out more about the bass extravaganza we're planning for our fans. On top of EPROM and Ivy Lab, fans will be able to catch incredible cutting-edge performers like Tsuruda, Huxley Anne, NastyNasty, Sayer, Duffrey, Shlump, Kozmo, Rudeboynoize, and the mysterious TLZMN to name just a few.

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