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Favorite ThisSex on the tracks: Cherub hits Chattanooga

Published: March 24, 2014
By: Sterling Martin

Still near the beginning of their run, and in preparation for festival season, Cherub is growing under the spotlight. The BLOW’d Tour hit Chattanooga, TN Friday night, flipping the antique railroad station-turned-venue, Track 29, into a massive party zone full of great people and even better music. Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber, the Nashville natives comprising Cherub, bring with them a wholly unique sound. Including openers, each performance utilized some sort of live instrument, which is a refreshing dynamic in the loosely termed “EDM” world. The different vocal approaches, alongside the live instrumentation and production, ensure the BLOW’d Tour’s ability to quench anyone’s musical thirst.
The first act was up-and-coming lyricist, ProbCause. The rapper/painter has recently worked with ill-esha, Chance the Rapper, and Action Bronson. Despite being the first to take the stage, ProbCause was able to bring the growing crowd to life. He was joined onstage by a drummer, who ably accented ProbCause’s delivery. By the time the impressive opening set was finished, they had drawn a massive crowd hungry for more music.
Carousel slowed things down a bit with their set. These singers brought a chilled out vibe that kept the crowd swaying from start to finish. Complete with live guitar and keyboards, their mostly downtempo tracks still provided Track 29 with the energy to move and groove. Near the end of their set, the duo played a cover of Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” which offered a pleasant twist on the R&B original. Carousel’s mesmerizing performance served as the perfect “calm before the storm.”
When it was finally time for Cherub to take the stage, the crowd was more than anxious. Kelley led the way, megaphone in hand. Girls’ screams filled the air, along with applause, whistles, and the flash of cameras. Opening with one of their hit songs “Jazzercise 95’,” they got the crowd pumped from the start of their set. As the guys kept playing, nearly the whole crowd belted back each song’s lyrics. Popular tunes such as “Man of the Hour,” “Where We Should Be,” and “Doses and Mimosas” kept the energy flowing throughout the evening.
Drum pads, guitars, talkbox, and various other elements were fused seamlessly, and on the fly, in order to create a dance floor out of the old-school railway station. Despite playing in this larger venue, the two still were able to give an intimate and personal connection with the audience, which is an increasingly difficult task. Kelley and Huber fed off of each other’s energy on stage which remained high throughout the entire performance, until Jordan finally took a minute to crowd surf.
When reaching his mic on their encore, Jordan mentioned they “forgot to play some songs...” and continued to jam until their time ran out.
Ranging from electro pop to sexy funk tracks, Cherub showed Chattanooga exactly why their unique style and sound have become so distinguishable. Their wide range of material makes it near impossible to classify them into one genre or another, and this versatility may be one factor behind the group’s success.
If Friday’s show was indicative of what to expect in the future, these guys will continue to grow and capture the heart’s of each listener. One thing is for sure—wherever Cherub goes, there will be sexy vibes and smiling faces.

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