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Favorite ThisSermon mashes up old-school rave vibes with underground bass

Published: January 26, 2017

Photos and story by: Chris Conte

The WiddlerThis past Saturday in the dreary, dim, secluded warehouse district of Brooklyn an oasis arose. An empty warehouse was turned into a vibrating psychedelic bass-driven dream. This warehouse was equipped with a sweet backyard chill out area with grass, tables, chairs, art, and benches. There was a bevy of clean bathrooms and plenty of room to dance. Cheap drinks, sick visuals, and an unbelievable sound system.

The lineup was stacked with all The Untz favorites: Toadface, Proko, Conrank, Shlump, The Widdler b2b Thelem, and Guccimen (Space Jesus and Freddy Todd). Austin Trout and the other members of the Sermon organizational unit really know how to throw a damn party. Newcomer ix and host and emcee for the night Honeycomb got this started.

GuccimenAs you approached the venue and heard the deep rumblings from inside we knew we were in for some lunacy. When you walked in your attention was drawn to one thing and one thing only, the Multidimensional Altar of the Universe. This stage production was a wormhole to another world; flawless stage design fueled by Rhizome visuals. The altar paired with the Tsunami Bass Sound System was nothing less than incredible. As I looked around the room faces were just in awe. Jaws dropped, smiles ear to ear and dancing as hard as they possibly could.

There is something remarkable to be said about a warehouse full of people all moving in harmony. Everyone on the same wavelength, feeling the same vibes. This kind of feeling breeds true community and that's exactly what was witnessed this past weekend. A group full of like-minded people working together, acting positively and enjoying themselves to the upmost extent. What could be better? Not much. All the artists and the team at Sermon facilitated a party and vibe unlike any other scene.

ConrankI can't praise Sermon enough. Their operation is exemplary to what other collectives should be doing. Excellent PR skills, to keeping attendees updated, to the rules, the ticket process, entry into the venue, and security team. These guys actually care about the people coming to their shows and the community surrounding it. It's not just about money, but making sure everyone has a good time. It's similar to what we at The Untz are doing with our festival, which is why it made so much sense to partner up. It's for you. We do it for the community and to create a memorable experience that people will forever cherish.

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