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Favorite ThisSeppa spins Stress into gold with new EP

Published: August 19, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

Seppa - StressIt's only been about six months since Seppa was allowed to step foot in the country thanks to the grueling visa process for even the most talented international producers to get approved, but in that time Sandy Finlayson's life has ratcheted up in intensity even further.

Beyond being one of the break out stars of Bristol's SLUG WIFE crew and all the pressures that come along with it, he's been on the road constantly on both sides of the Atlantic and trying to maintain sanity under a microscope is anything but relaxing.

But where most might crack under the pressure, Seppa spins that anxiety into a brand new four-track EP, Stress.

He had this to say of this EP's origins:

This EP is all about processing stress, something which is killing us all slowly. In an ideal world a life without stress would be a happy one, but sadly that's nigh on impossible to achieve in the modern world. You can try to ignore it, let it build up internally and it will make you sick and miserable, or you can try to process it in to something positive. All four of these tracks helped me take stressful and frustrating experiences and mutate them in to something that brought me joy (albeit a hectic and high velocity type of joy), and hopefully they can do the same for you too.

Today we premiere the frenetic opening track, “Trust,” in which Finlayson is able to cram upwards of twenty twisted drum & bass hooks into one track. It's gotta be frustrating for his contemporaries to feel like they've struck oil with one hook, and here this guy is jamming an insane new idea through every four bars.

Seppa is back on the road next month with in America with High Caliber and Equinox festivals out east, as well as a few more unannounced dates with Kursa that will be revealed very soon. That's more stress on his plate, but if his response is turning out more EPs, then game on and good on ya.

Pre-order Stress before it comes out in full tomorrow.

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