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Favorite ThisSentierum debuts smooth cut 'A Dream Within A Dream'

Published: February 16, 2021

By: Anand Harsh

SentierumPerhaps the cruelest side effect of the pandemic is that right as American audiences were becoming not only acclimated to drum and bass, but excited and expectant of it, everything gets shut down. Okay, maybe it's not the cruelest thing about the pandemic, but allow me a little hyperbole on this godforsaken planet.

Our pals at ShadowTrix Music have given us first crack at their latest EP. Keen-eyed fans will recognize Sentierum from a Fanu remix on Samsara Beats in late 2019. Italian producer Lucio Massimi brings four liquid drum and bass tracks to STM next week.

Today we premiere the title track, A Dream Within A Dream,” which is just buttery smooth. Every silken note of this track jumps through the speakers and slips us onto a personal journey. I don't care if we have to take a long sabbatical, as long as U.S. audiences are as fanatical about DnB when this whole thing is over.

A Dream Within A Dream is out February 22 on ShadowTrix.

Tags: Drum and Bass