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Favorite ThisScoreMore cooks up a JAMBALAYA of EDM and hip-hop this weekend

Published: May 23, 2013
By: Devin Friedman

Hip-hop. Rap. Trap. EDM. Music is an ever changing and evolving thing, and it seems these days, the genres are changing as fast as the weather, bending and molding into something new and innovative. This rapidly changing genre phenomenon has no doubt been a struggle for promoters to predict, but one southern promo company with a Texas-sized reputation is taking the curve to the next level.

ScoreMore Shows, based out of Austin, is setting the trend for their peers by booking hip-hop and electronic acts on both tour bills and festivals alike. Just last month, they successfully put on a tour that co-starred Baauer and hip-hop wild child, Danny Brown. Is it a risk? Sure, but when we sat down with their Houston rep to talk about their upcoming event, Jambalaya (a three night ordeal covering Houston Austin and Dallas that is set to feature Zeds Dead headlining alongside Big Boi and Tyler the Creator), and she reassured us that this is indeed where the game is headed.
The Untz: To start off, is there anything in particular that you want the public to know about Jambalaya?

ScoreMore: We feel like this event is super innovative, and we really want the two scenes to be able to integrate. We are confident in the fact that each side will enjoy the other’s music, expose each to the other side, get hard headed fans from the hip-hop and edm world to see that this is something you can enjoy. Break the stereotype. We also really want to show that ScoreMore can run with the big boys, we can put on a festival. This is the biggest thing we’ve ever done.
The Untz: What has the reaction been like so far, from the public and from other industry peers?

ScoreMore: Interesting because so many EDM supporters are unfamiliar with hip-hop music, but its been fun showing promoters the other side. When it comes down to the nitty gritty, the biggest reaction has been from high school kids, so its going to be interesting to see their come up and where their open-mindedness is going to take the industry. The young kids are out there and ready and open to new ideas.
The Untz: We’ve been noticing this trend of hip-hop acts and electronic acts being paired together for shows and festivals, why do you think that is?

ScoreMore: It’s just the next step, and we’re bringing it to the people. This event is here for the people, its in their face. It’s a big risk because we’re ahead of the curve. We see that all of these artists are leaning towards this collab together, we’re taking the next step to bring the live performances. The team behind this has so much faith in this event and this movement. Its only going to get bigger, everyone has faith in that.
The Untz: So what's next? Is there anything you can tell me, without giving too much away, that could get us excited about what scoremore has up their sleeve?

ScoreMore: Buying into the babymaking movement [we both laugh here, because everyone loves some r&b lovestep] - as EDM is moving into this clash with hip-hop, we’re all watching this r&b movement in EDM take place and we’re going to be bringing that to the masses next.

We definitely take this combination as no great surprise. We have been seeing the trap come-up take place for almost a year now, it was only a matter of time before hip-hop fully integrated the EDM world. It’s hard to disagree with ScoreMore’s projection of where the hip-hop trend is taking us, but are definitely on board and looking forward to what this inevitable head-on collision has in store.
If you’re within range, be sure to check out JAMBALAYA, featuring Zeds Dead, Big Boi, Tyler the Creator, G-Eazy and more -

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