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Favorite ThisSAVOY: Personal Legend Review

Published: January 18, 2013
By: Molly Gale

The boys are back in town.  On Tuesday, this laser-wielding duo of University of Colorado alums released their most epic EP to date. Comprised of four individually solid tracks, Personal Legend reminds the EDM world why we love Savoy so shamelessly.

They start out running with “The Bridge.” throwing us right into a hyped-up, heavyweight BANGER that is sure to get your heart beating. With their typical edgy enthusiasm, this surefire club anthem is the perfect way to start this high-energy EP.

Where does one even begin with a track like “After Shock?” The clashing of these two Colorado titans surpasses our wildest dreams. Big Gigantic brings their jazzy sensuality to the driving, dancey sound of Savoy and GUESS WHAT? They bring the house all the way down.  (Yes, Dom gets saxxy.)  Having watched Big Gigantic and Savoy grow and mature through the years, I have to say this track makes me proud to rep Colorado.

Upbeat and grimy, “Kids” is vaguely reminiscent of laser warfare (in a good way).  Though decidedly mechanic, this track has an undeniable tribal feel that’s both enticing and exciting.  When you’re listening to it, you feel like you’re doing something you’re not supposed to be doing. 

“Hard To Say” is the big, dramatic grand finale that this massive EP deserves.  This larger-than-life track definitely has that overwhelming, golden sound we’ve seen from legends like Flux Pavilion in the past.  Savoy drives this beast of an EP hard from beginning to end. 

I absolutely cannot wait to see these tracks go live as Savoy embarks on their Live With Lasers Tour, which is set to hit over 20 cities across the US in the upcoming months.  It’s almost criminal, but this genius EP is available for free download at

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