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Favorite ThisSavoy ft SOFI - Under My Skin (DIY)

Published: August 24, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

If you spend your lazy summer days with your eyes glued to the television, they have most likely gazed upon GoPro’s 2012 commercial featuring Ronnie Renner on his Motocross bike going hard in the paint, well, hard in the desert. Featured in the commercial were some full-throttle dub tones stemming from “DIY” by Savoy, who have been killin’ it with every monumental track they have released this past year.
The cut continues to garner them an abundance of attention, and as if the original version wasn’t already addicting as hell, they have released a vocal remix that will make your head spin. “Under My Skin (DIY)” opens with captivating synth lines and electrifying vocals from SOFI, creating a breathtaking build up that will instantly grip the attention of any listener. This combination sets the scene for the track’s hair-raising drop, which arises to all new heights with the addition of potent harmonies.
Uplifting lyrics meet compelling synth lines, and the result is an impeccable tune that can enjoyed over and over again. Savoy’s SUPERTRAIL EP is dropping on August 28th, so keep your ears peeled for that bad boy.

Tags: ElectroHouseLivetronica