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Favorite ThisSavant - Wildstyle

Published: January 1, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

May as well kick off the New Year with one of our favorite finds of 2012. Just a few short days ago, we shared Savant's "Vario 64," which blew our minds with chipstep madness. And this is just how quickly Aleksander Vinter works: he's got a brand new complextro delight for us 100 hours later. This from a Norwegian metalhead who is sitting on 10,000 tracks, running the gamut from trance to drum and bass. I suppose we shouldn't be surprised. But we are, by the melodic interplay of so many elements and shifting rhythmic stylings. And then the half-time breakdown two-thirds into this track is just gorgeous. If Savant wants to continue putting out a track a day, we're ready and waiting--especially if they're going to be this good. It's going to be am amazing year.