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Favorite ThisSavant - Rude Gal [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Published: January 31, 2014
By: Anand Harsh

On top of it being the end of the week, we get to launch into our precious weekend with a new Savant tune?? Talk about jackpot. Can we get some credit where credit is due here, people? At the beginning of last year (really, the end of 2012), we said that Aleksander Vinter was going to become a bona fide superstar. Fast forward to today and the guy is popping up everywhere on festival bills, getting asked to do all these great guest sets, he's bleaching his hair--we called all of this. "Rude Gal" ain't your grandpa's Savant jam. This is more like four crazy ideas welded together. This staggering, jerky beat descends into all out fist-pumping dubstep, then breaks all the way down into schizophreix bass slaps, then flies into an electro rager. Pure insanity in bits and bytes. Grab it, and rip it on your way home from the office.