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Favorite ThisSavant & Adam K & JELO: 4 Days EP

Published: May 6, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

When you have a couple days off from the weekly grind, there are many options to satisfy the passing of time. Some might shut the blinds and dive into Netflix, or maybe even drink some tea and kick back with a riveting read. For Savant, these options aren't nearly ambitious enough. The Norwegian producer continues to weave his love for video games and full-throttle tunes into one neat package, this time while on a break from tour in Toronto.
Collaborations with Canadians producers Adam K and JELO were birthed during this short layover, leading to the aptly titled 4 Days EP. The gargantuan release via SectionZ Records clocks in at just under eight minutes, but like the old saying goes, quality over quantity. And this release is jam-packed with exactly that. 
“Damage” coalesces Savant’s adrenaline-laden sound with that of Adam K, creating a whirlwind of hyped up vocal samples and electro-house synths.  The two produces are not known for dabbling in the same genres, but this uncanny blend is what truly solidifies the track’s mesmerizing qualities.

“Baddery” is by all means innovative and entirely beyond comparison, or even classification for that matter. This bouncy anthem from Savant and JELO possesses a severe case of attention deficit disorder, bouncing along to the beat of its own drum throughout. 
The 4 Days EP has proven that time is of the essence, and Savant undoubtedly takes his time very seriously. Three producers, two mind-blowing tracks, and one hell of a thrill ride to unleash on the world.  

Tags: DubstepElectro