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Favorite ThisSatoru - Modus Operandi [EXCLUSIVE ALBUM PREMIERE]

Published: August 14, 2013
By: Alex Silva

The last time we heard from Satoru (Trey Phillips), an up-and-coming electronic producer from Atlanta, was following the release of his debut album Divine Visions. Released less than a year ago, his debut was presented with an impressive 30 tracks, encompassing a wide variety of styles across the dance music gamut. Midway through 2013, Satoru is back to present fans with the release of his second album, Modus Operandi, premiering exclusively on The Untz.
Working diligently throughout the year, the timely arrival of his latest release showcases his ongoing passion and commitment to music production. Having already demonstrated his capacity for delivering superior, organic compositions ranging from downtempo to hip-hop, dubstep, glitch and more, Modus Operandi yields the next step in his path for success. If you were impressed by his audio engineering skills the first time around, just wait until you hear what he’s cooked up for you with his newest project.
The 8-track album gauges a lot more focus on the production aspects allied with psychedelic glitch-hop and dubstep. The backbone of each track is coated with a multitude of instrumental footings from the piano to the violin, guitar, horns, percussion and more —all of which Phillips records in the studio himself. Of course, none of the tracks would be complete without the presence of his novel use of vocal sampling that guides each soundscape in ways that embody both passive and dynamic flows of energy.
Nevertheless, the synths are always dominant and provide for that much needed industrial drive. The entirety of the album manifests a soundscape independent of itself, yet not completely unfamiliar in style. It’s reminiscent of artists like Gramatik and Bassnectar, however, embraces less blues influence and not as much bass weight—but just as much soul.
Satoru now calls Denver, Colorado, his new home and is well fitted amid its niche music climate, so keep a watch out for future developments on the rise. In the meantime, you can stream Modus Operandi exclusively on The Untz’s Soundcloud. Grab your free album download this Friday from Satoru’s website, along with the rest of his discography also available for free.