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Favorite ThisSamples: Malbec Review

Published: November 3, 2011

By: Gracie Roberts

As it goes in any business, friends will get you everywhere. Eliot Lipp’s Old Tacoma label is putting out the new Samples’ record in less than a week (Nov. 8th). But with a name building steam and gaining speed with each remix and live show, Ben Samples doesn’t really need a leg up.

Samples, the Denver-based producer and DJ, began his career working as a DJ at a prominent Colorado radio station, covering multiple genres and mixing differing musical styles. Over time, Samples was able to create his own blend of hip hop and electronic dance music, resulting in a powerful, energetic sound suitable for any environment.

Now, performing predominantly his own tracks, Samples ranks among the top producers on iTunes, Beatport and Addictech. As he has become a staple in the glitch-hop music scene, fans are brimming with excitement in anticipation of Malbec.

The album opening title track bursts out of the gate with hefty bass and a forceful synth line. With a sound similar to that of The Glitch Mob, this track is fitting for any fan of the glitch or future bass genres.

The following track, “Racing Stripes,” continues the charge with substantial sound and a sturdy beat. “Racing Strips” repeatedly builds up for drops that keep the energy level sky high.

“Listen to Your Heart” demonstrates Samples’ ability to incorporate hip-hop snippets into his glitch-filled beats. Both the vocals and the beat put the listener in a concentrated trance. Although the track is mid-tempo, its overall vibe is packed with passion and vigor.

At the album’s core, “Reach Out” gives the listener a chance to step back and mentally recharge for the rest of the album’s intensity. With a lengthy, soothing intro filled with the sounds of electronic piano and a bit of guitar, “Reach Out” has a low-key sound that contrasts nicely with the bombast of the majority of Malbec.

Samples’ album ends with tracks “Locked On” and “Corona.” Each track illustrates his specialties in glitch and hip-hop. “Locked On” has a steady beat punctuated with sounds of glitch and syncopation, while “Corona” features vocals with a striking hip-hop beat. Of course, the sound wouldn’t be Samples’ without its signature touch of electronic style and interjecting hints of glitch.

Ben Samples is poised to bestow upon the EDM community the thrill and energy of Malbec. Because this is only his second full-length album, the lion’s share of the young producer’s career lies in front of him. Prolific output and dazzling shows await Samples, with a little help from his friends—and a lot of love from his fans. 

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