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Favorite ThisRyan Viser debuts Louder and Louder, continues tour with Blunt Force

Published: February 16, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

Since Ryan Viser dropped his Metamorphosis album with us back in May, we've been singing his praises for his studio work. Well, we've been singing his praises long before that, when he became staff pick in The Untz Challenge a couple years ago, and went out on the road with Filibusta as his live trumpeter. Viser has been honing--or should we say horning--his trumpet sound to meld perfectly with the rapid-fire bass he produces, ranging from hip-hop to dubstep to trap.

Today, Ryan Viser officially launches his Louder and Louder EP, six tracks of unapologetic #trumpetbass that rocket him into the upper echelon of touring producers packing brass. We debuted his title track and EP lead-off "Louder and Louder" back in October, but "World of Influence" is definitely the loudest track on the album, taking heavy island dub and blending it with hard-hitting subs. "Blazing" and "Get Right" show off those meaty hip-hop influences, and "Laid Back" is anything but, with its hammering hooks. EP closer "Supersonic" is glitchier than the rest of the album, showing off Viser's production prowess.

Ryan Viser winter tourRyan Viser continues on his Louder and Louder tour, presented by, this week, hitting San Marcos, TX on February 18, and then rejoining Austin, Texas' Blunt Force for dates in Shreveport, LA and New Orleans, LA this weekend. He's then knocking out a trio of dates in Colorado the following week. Make sure you catch his trump-tastic remixes and fiery new originals out on the road! 

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