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Favorite ThisRusko: KAPOW EP Review

Published: November 8, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

The name Rusko has become synonymous with gritty bass music. The English producer made his move to Los Angeles a few years ago, and with change came a pivotal step towards revitalizing America’s dubstep culture.

While Mercer has gained some unwanted attention lately for his bout with a Houston soundman, making his track “Sound Guy Is My Target” all the more real, it’s his newest EP that’s got people talking now. Oh, and did we mention it’s absolutely free? Rusko has decided to follow the “Pretty Lights standard,” which will continue for all his future releases—a big move for such a ubiquitous artist.

KAPOW pounces with “Yeah!,” which gently titillates the listener’s eardrums with electro drum patterns and harmonious, pitched up vocals. This is followed by pulsating wobbles, moving the heart and body.

“Bring It Back” strikes with mesmerizing synths, propelling your conscious to uncharted territories. Rusko then juxtaposes the cheering of a blissful crowd with tantalizing instrumentations, before unleashing an overarching drop full of laser-like bass bursts.

“Like This” features an enthralling hip-hop demeanor, and bounces along with crafty wobbles, full-throttle vocal samples, and trenchant snare hits. Sure to please many long time fans of Rusko’s early work, with its classic dubby feel and rowdy dimensions. 

KAPOW is another electrifying release in Mercer’s Hall of Fame career. If he continues this streak, he might even find his way into the illustrious 3,000 hit club. Head on over to Rusko’s website, and choose your method of payment.

Download for free:

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