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Favorite ThisRUMTUM delivers haunting 'Spirits Remain' alongside dope art.

Published: June 30, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

RUMTUM'round these parts here in Denver, we know John Hastings as a bottomless well of delicate, primal beats full of lush instrumentation. But there's more to RUMTUM than just unbelievably dope head-nodders. Hastings is also a talented visual artist, and fans need to know, because as technically proficient and jaw-droppingly sublime as the beats are, the artwork that stands alongside it is equally dazzling.

Today, we premiere "Spirits Remain." It's right up the RUMTUM alley of subtle hip-hop blended with these rich layers of synthwave that give each track a cool, crisp taste like a Ginger beer on a balmly July afternoon. The similarly subtle pen work on the print that stands next to this track is so precise and ingenious, you kinda get mad at the guy for being so talented on both fronts.

To that end, you can visit to snag yourself a dandy print from the man, himself, and our suggestion is to rock his back catalog while you're perusing the site. Also, if you're the type who likes to have something to look forward to up on the calendar, mark off August 19th as the date you see RUMTUM with Chrome Sparks at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, Colorado.

Tags: Hip Hop