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Favorite ThisRuff Hauser: Just the Tip EP Review

Published: April 5, 2012
By: Jamie Reysen

Socal producer Ruff Hauser’s latest EP, released last month via Simplify Recordings, is a series of dub-infused glitch hop tracks and remixes. Just the Tip is comprised of five original bangers, a VIP edit done by Ruff Hauser himself, and two remixes – one from Stephan Jacobs and the other by HeavenlyFather.

Just the Tip kicks off with the foreboding, drum- and bass-heavy beats of “Lucid,” before segueing into the EP’s strongest cut, “Time of our Lives.” This dubstep dance floor track merges airy synth sections with manipulated vocal samples and some serious bass, resulting in the EP’s most memorable production.

“Time of our Lives” gets a makeover by Ruff Hauser through his “VIP Sunshine Edit,” which is then remixed by Stephan Jacobs, fellow Simplify Recordings producer. Jacobs’ edit of the track features a more deliberate percussion, speedier beats, and chopped samples of, well, chopped samples – all of which come together to give the track a unique edginess.

The EP’s other remixed track is “E lip tickle,” edited by California producer HeavenlyFather, who adds an additional layer of warped bass to Ruff Hauser’s wompy, yet somehow ethereal, original track.

Next up is “Quazar,” another standout track, which integrates melodic synth lines with waves of distorted bass and choppy female vocals. Bringing the EP to a close is “Joof,” a speedier track filled with manipulated samples and rhythmic digital beats.

Just the Tip is another great release for the dubstep and glitch hop fans out there.
You can listen to it on Simplify Recording’s Soundcloud or buy the EP through Addictech.

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