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Favorite ThisRoyksopp Release New Digital Single 'Forsaken Cowboy + Keyboard Milk'

Published: March 2, 2011

Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp is back with a new digital single and B-side. Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland have come a long way since their Geico caveman commercial infamy. Known for combining hip-hop, house, and drum and bass in a subtle, soothing manner, Röyksopp also puts on lavish live performances--which will be on display at some sold out shows in hipster paradises like the Music Hall in Williamsburg and Webster Hall in NYC, but also at the much-anticipated Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Their latest single, "Forsaken Cowboy," cops a rugged, Western feel, replete with twangy guitar samples and the ambiance of a dry, empty desert. Check out the video which was submitted as a contest winner for The B-side, "Keyboard Milk," pays homage to the goth-pop of the 80's, sounding at times like Depeche Mode, before building to a massive, synth-laden climax. Certainly milking the digital format at more than 7 minutes, the track's power could vault it to A status. The latest Röyksopp album, Senior, has been out since September on Wall of Sound/EMI.

Forsaken Cowboy


Tags: DowntempoDrum and BassHip HopHouse