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Favorite ThisRobustt remixes Rattraps to kick off Never Slept 003 compilation

Published: March 7, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

We've been getting an influx of left-field bass hitting our inboxes in 2016, and we ain't complaining. Just stumbled across the Never Slept label, which is on the verge of releasing its annual compilation on March 14th. The Never Slept 003 comp has some familiar names like Kozmo and Subp Yao, but the best part is it features contributions from around the globe.

To lead off the release, Robustt gave Rattraps' "Bugged Out" the juke treatment. There's a wide array of flavors in this one, including whiffs of footwork, drum & bass, and some unplaceable elements, but when that half-time trap break hits, you'll have a grin plastered across your face a kilometer across. It's wildly inventive new sounds from fresh artists that make this job fun. Can't want to hear more from this global crew. No sleeping on it.

Tags: Trap