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Favorite ThisRobotic Pirate Monkey - Boss [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Published: January 23, 2014
By: Anand Harsh

Andrew Hathaway and Matt Berryhill know how to craft a banger. That's been evident for a while. But "Boss" is on some next level shit. Bass to the max like BetaMax. Robotic Pirate Monkey is off and running on its Rituals Tour with Terravita, but the boys of RPM still found time to craft this explosive trap tune injected with waves of subsonic shrapnel that slice through the air like daggers. That first drop will have you spinning around the room in your office chair. Or at least blow those buds out yer earholes. But make sure you sample this one on some decent subs. Colorado, the midwest, the northeast east--no region is safe from the bass barrage. Make sure you catch this tour when it hits YOUR hometown. And snag this killer track from free--you'll want to hang on to this one...