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Favorite ThisRobotic Pirate Monkey: Banana Cannon

Published: August 8, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Remember back in 2011 when every DJ/Producer was dropping that rowdy “Bass Cannon” tune from Flux Pavilion? It’s a new year, and while some people think it’s still awesome to “Let the bass cannon kick it,” we got a new “Cannon” that everybody will want to take a bite out of.
“Banana Cannon” is the newest anthem by the boys of Robotic Pirate Monkey, and is the single from their forthcoming EP Heat.wav, which will be released on August 13th. The song opens up with charismatic drum patterns and a glitched out, old school dub feel that will have any listener bouncing up and down like it was New Years Eve. Slow paced synth bursts and rambunctious vocal samples scatter themselves throughout the tracks rowdy drop, which will quickly prove how far RPM has progressed in such a short time. Let the “Banana Cannon” kick it, and turn this bad boy up to eleven. 

Tags: Dubstep