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Favorite ThisRob Paine & Charles Lazarus vs. Rootz Underground - Enlighten Me (Radio)

Published: March 4, 2012

Dub House pioneer Rob Paine and guitarist Charles Lazarus teamed up to remix a track by Lazarus' well known reggae collective Rootz Underground. “Enlighten Me,” like the first track the production duo had their hand in, upholds the minimal aesthetic. But the subtle touches are what make all the difference. “Enlighten Me” is stark, yet rich in color. It seems alien at first, but the track plays so smooth that it’s easy to warm up to. The lyrics, social commentary from Rootz Underground’s local perspective, make for a unexpected but fitting blend with the sparse, structural beats. Watch for the release of “Enlighten Me,” coming March 12 on Beatport in five fine flavors— Original, Radio, Rob Paine Dub, Fat Version, and Skinny Version.

Until then, The Untz has an EXCLUSIVE download of the Radio Version to tie you over.

So download, hit play and be enlightened. No problem.