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Favorite ThisRJD2 releases a free EP of remixes

Published: January 6, 2011


By: Jamie Reysen

RJD2 released “The Glow Remixes” for free on Bandcamp today. The EP features three remixes of RJD2’s “The Glow” off his last album, The Colossus.

Though the three tracks are born from the same song, they each take RJD2’s beats and vocals in totally different directions.

Chicago-based DJ duo Flosstradamus is the only big name on the EP. They bring a catchy rhythm and quirky new electro sounds to their remix, turning the original into dance-friendly track.

Paolo Palazzo’s remix was voted the fan favorite in RJD2’s remix contest, held last year. His track is the catchiest, most upbeat version of the three. RJD2’s inclusion of Palazzo’s mix will surely bring the talented producer a large audience of new listeners.

Candy Panther’s mid-tempo remix is surprising after the first two, but it’s a welcome surprise. The song’s relaxed vibe is a perfect way to end the EP.

Tags: Hip Hop