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Favorite Thisrisik remixes girl_irl "Sinclair" for a great cause

Published: April 26, 2021

By: Anand Harsh

girl_irl - sinclair (risik remix)I've been promised that a flood of new risik is about to hit the market. Chris Lockhart's first tune of the bunch is a remix for the girl_irl pack “Sinclair,” which features Ghost Forest, FUSO!, and Kogarashi among others.

True to form, Lockhart's remix is rave fuel with future dystopian vibes. That thrashing rave groove is bookended by these atmospheric samples and disorienting breakdowns. My heart is full.

The best part about the release is that all proceeds go to Red Canary Song, an organization working to support and assist Asian-American and migrant massage and sex workers. In the wake of the tragic events in Atlanta last month and the spate of AAPI hate especially directed towards unprotected workers in the sex trade, this sort of activism is incredibly potent and powerful.

risik makes their debut at The Untz Festival this summer, which I'm thrilled to not have to make any caveats or dissemble about—I can just say it: game on, baby. They are absolutely going to wreck the place. Prepare yourself for a high-energy, all-out dance party. I also recommend you get your tickets ASAP because they are flying off the digital shelves and with a 20% limited capacity, a sell out is looking imminent. See you in Browns Valley, California from June 4-6.

Get girl_irl - sinclair: the remixes (deluxe edition) and support Red Canary Song

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