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Favorite ThisRihanna - Where Have You Been (Cazzette Another Summery Hot Remix)

Published: October 1, 2012
By: Molly Gale

It’s official: the next hottest item out of Sweden budding electronic scene is the energetic duo Cazzette.  With the backing of At Night Management (the team behind the now legendary rise of mega-star Avicii), this self-proclaimed “dub house” duo continues to deliver some of the summer’s hottest remixes with this new take on Rihanna’s fierce club hit “Where Have You Been?” 

Alexander Björklund and Sebastian Furrer add just enough of their signature heavy-house sound to give this track a brand new feel without completely abandoning the sound of Rihanna’s original banger.  In typical Cazzette fashion, there is a consistent house drive that carries the entire song—from the minimalistic intro to the feel-good, melodic drop and the dub-heavy bridge.  As we’ve seen, the duo has a masterful knack of taking a high-quality track and adding their own sound on the remix, all while staying true to the original.

Fresh off a tour around the U.S., Cazzette is poised to emerge from Avicii’s shadow into a spotlight of its own and with this track, they’re one step closer.  Keep em’ coming, Sweden!