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Favorite This[REVIEW] Papadosio continues its ascent with 'Night and Day' album and video compilation

Published: September 19, 2014

By: Mitchell Treend

Rejoice. Papadosio have finalized their Night and Day (Live) project for our viewing pleasure. Earlier in August we got a taste of "New Love," the first of nine vivacious new tracks to kick off this exciting video compilation and new album.

With Night and Day, Papadosio have poured a little extra into bringing out the organic elements of their sound amidst the dense wooded hills of the Appalachian Mountains. Each track was carefully recorded with intimate video to create an all-encompassing experience of being with the artists as they move through the process of presenting each tune in its own unique light. The videos themselves serve to draw the senses into a day dream as Dosio weaves together sweet sounds of electro-jam that we love so much.

Aside from the wildly entertaining close up footage of each member blissed-out, lost in other dimensions, the Night and Day album piggy back’s off of the immense progress developed through each studio album that Papadosio has released to date.

The Elephant I Presume” brings out a precociousness that seems light-hearted and melancholy at the same time. “Cloud Found” is an ecstatic nod to fan-favorite “Find your Cloud.” “We Choose” deserves a second listen after one run through the album. Find the lyrics, follow the movements of each musician and dig a little deeper into the form of this album as a whole.

Night and Day represents something special for the group and exemplifies their immense talent and bright intentions for blossoming in the larger artistic community. With due consideration, this album begs to be experienced from different senses. Listen once, watch all the videos once, then see how they fit together. Papadosio earns another notch in its collective belt for providing a unique outlet for enjoying the art they so joyously share with the world

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