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Favorite ThisResonant Frequency explores new territory with Retrospect EP [FREE DL]

Published: December 14, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

At the end of October, we premiered the title track from Austin, TX-based funktronica trio Resonant Frequency's latest EP, Retrospect, which represents a departure in sound from the band's previous releases. Still playing around in the funky glitch and electro-soul realms, this 5-track release takes the threesome into more mature territory. A little older, a little wiser, Vince Seidl, Landon Reichle, and Ben Slade are pushing the RF brand into some new sonic frontiers.

Leading off the EP is "Worlds Apart," which features some verbal calisthenics from Roofie. With sort of a dark, almost Pretty Lights-approach to production, there's true grit caking this one in a layer of credibility. "Caught Up" will be more familiar to longtime Resonant Frequency fans, as that jamtronica funk is matched with vintage samples.

"Rooted Within" is pure chill-hop for fans looking to recapture summer vibes in the depths of winter. But there is no doubt that "Someday" will be the breakout hit from the collection. Upbeat and chock full of delicate vocal chops and fun melodies, the song jumps out of the speakers at you. It's a statement about where Resonant Frequency is headed. They might get big someday, but they sure are fun to listen to today.

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