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Favorite ThisResetSD makes San Diego massive again

Published: May 26, 2010

By: Aaron Gaudette

What began as a caffeine-riddled daydream amongst three University of California students will come to fruition this weekend in the form of ResetSD, the first massive electronic music festival to hit San Diego in almost a decade.

Taking place at the San Diego Sports Arena on June 5, the all-night event seeks to fill a glaring void that has existed in San Diego since 2002 and will showcase an array of talent that features everything from internationally-reknowned performers to premier local talent.

And while the festival’s unparalleled lineup is diverse enough to attract virtually every segment of the electronic music community, the organizers behind the event sought to create an all-encompassing environment that could stand on its’ own as a unique experience.

“The goal for ResetSD is, in large part, a product of a diverse background in entertainment,” said Bryan McClanahan, one of the chief organizers of the event and a UCLA student. “We intend our festivals to be immersive-themed events that will tell a story holistically. Every detail of the festival and each individual artist is part of an overall concept we are trying to convey to our patrons.”

And immersive it shall be, as the festival is among the first to feature an LED maze and a 3D cubitron, along with a variety of art installations, pyrotechnics, and other special effects. All of this is a hearty supplement to the 20-plus artists performing across three stages that include freeform electronic artist Bassnectar and cross-genre DJ A-Trak, in addition to a plethora of local artists that include Austin Speed, Brett Nieman, and Baquai?.

McClanahan attributes his desire to create such a definitive experience to not only his experience in the electronic music scene, but to his history with other divisions of entertainment as well.

“During the time I spent as a designer with Gary Goddard Studios, we worked on a lot of interesting projects that were focused on creating fully-immersive environments,” Said McClanahan. “And by bringing novel ideas to the production of these events, we hope to expand upon the possibilities of an already vibrant scene and, hopefully, reset people’s expectations and mindset.”

Although this undoubtedly gives fans much to be excited about in the days leading up to the festival, the artists themselves are plenty enthusiastic for the potential the festival has to ‘reset’ the way the electronic music community is perceived.

“There are an abundant number of misconceptions of the dance music scene by those who’re uninformed,” remarked Nieman, a San Diego native. “As the term ‘rave’ garners increasingly negative connotations, ResetSD will enable San Diego to experience the true meaning of what embodies this unique culture. One of our main goals is to leave a positive impression on the community and those around us.”

“With so many top-notch artists and creative features, this event will demonstrate why this type of festival commands the love and respect they’ve grown accustomed to over the years in other major cities across the globe,” Nieman added. “See you on the dance floor!”

The ResetSD Music Festival is an 18+ event that runs from 8 pm to 4 am on June 5-6. Tickets and additional information can be obtained by clicking here.