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Favorite ThisRelativity Lounge hands over 'The Penske File'

Published: August 18, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

Relativity LoungeThe Great Magnet has dropped off another great package on our doorstep. The trippy, downtempo label has released music from UNTZ faves like Psydell, Easyjack, kLL sMTH, BogTroTTeR, and more in the past, and now brings a new act to our attention.

Jack Jamison's Relativity Lounge project releases the Defect EP this week. What caught my attention was the track “The Penske File,” which I'm happy to share with you now. Perfect for fans of downtempo Tipper, there's a fun, meandering, psychedelic style to this piece, which shines thanks to mastering from our old pal Ovoid.

It's right up The Great Magnet's alley, which is why the label is so excited about this release. Jamison's sound is pleasant, and entrancing. This piece really swings, and the rest of the EP is up to snuff. Grab it on August 21st.

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