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Favorite ThisRed Marines Music Festival Announcement

Published: April 29, 2010

Dear friends,
Thank you for being with us all these years and welcome to all of you that are joining us for the first time.  This will be our 6th year of production and you’re in for a treat.
We have managed to put together an amazing, bigger, better, musical line up to satisfy all musical tastes.   Moreover, this year you will be able to participate in various workshops and treat your eyes with some of the world’s best visual graphics and art installations.  DR. PARADISE is coming again to work his amazing 3D magic
Without further ado, let us announce the headliners of the 6th Annual Red Marines Music Festival.
For our lovers of the most intelligent music in the world we bring you one of the fathers of the genre and a legend of psychedelic trance COSMOSIS.  Cosmosis is presenting an unbelievable show, massive production and his amazing-sounding guitar.  NOT TO BE MISSED by anyone, even if you’ve long stopped listening to psy trance.  Another highlight of the psy trance genre is PARVATI Records 10th year anniversary, with ENCEPHALOPATICYS, JAHBO and GIUSEPPE.  We also would like to present an amazing New York crew ANTISHANTI RECORDS, and of course, our local San Francisco heroes DISSOLVE, PARUS, OLOWANPI, ZUL, FRACTAL COWBOYS and much more. For the complete line up visit
Live sound will be headlined by San Francisco’s most vibrant alternative rock band - ERIC MCFADDEN TRIO.  They have shocked us with an astonishing performance in 2008 and we’re bringing them again. Other special features include a performance by electronic live Dub act - ALEX THEORY as well as festival veterans MOBIUS and VOCTOK-ZAPAD bands.  More great acts are still to be announced.
Red Marines Music Festival also brings you other electronic music genres of your taste.  Over 40 DJ’s and live performers of Techno, Dub Step, IDM, DownTempo, Electro, Dub, Balkan you name it.  Some of the headliners are CHLOROPHIL, TREETOP, GOD INTOXIATED, WATERJUICE and much more.
Due to numerous requests we have decided to treat our raw music lovers by creating a third stage that will be called OPEN MIC CAMPFIRE STAGE.
More details on the line up of this stage are to be announced.
Stay tuned. Visit our site regularly for new announcements and DON’T FORGET to get your tickets before June 1st, as they will go up to it’s final price tier on that day.
See you June 18th!