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Favorite ThisR/D - End Side Out

Published: November 1, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

R/D is back and bigger than ever. In anticipation of his forthcoming EP, Cloud Pound, on progressive label Muti Music, R.D. White is giving away a free download of his brand new single "End Side Out" through his new and improved site Full of his signature Indie Bass sound, the single also pulls heavily from the dancehall world he's immersed himself in over the past few weeks at his studios in the Bay Area. Offbeat chords echo like steel drums off of wicked sirens and lazerbass tractorbeams. The cool, vibrant vocals of frequent collaborator Swan also lend to the ethereal nature of this track, which is at times pounds away like a jackhammer, and others, as hazy as a hotboxed El Camino. And dig on the winning artwork for the single from Matt Wiggins, who really captured the established R/D aesthetic. You can grab Cloud Pound from your favorite online retailers (iTunes, Beatport, Addictech, etc.) on Nov. 26th.

Free Download: