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Favorite ThisRandom Rab - Release [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Published: October 2, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

He's always done it his way. On his own terms. Whether it was playing in heavy metal acts or brass bands, it didn't matter. Random Rab has always held his banner high. And on October 9th, when Release is... well... released, the electronic music industry will once again give the man his due and admit, "yup, there's only one Random Rab."
Today, we're thrilled to bring you the title track from the new album. The term "downtempo" belies the majesty, the utter mystical energy of a Rab tune. There's power and poise, subtlety and grace. The sheer intensity of a hypnotizing groove and his cool, crisp vocals carry more force than a thousand blaring subs rattling out the hardest bass grooves. The charts and charts of electronic dance singles can't measure up to the unfathomably deep intention this type of tune evokes. There's just nothing like a new Rab tune. This one is going to be on repeat.
Enjoy this download for free for ONE WEEK only. Bay Area fans, you're going to be lucky enough to catch Rab tomorrow (Oct 3) at 1015 Folsom with his percussionist Cedar and many more special guests as part of the live band, including one Mr. Android Jones generating live visuals. He'll be on tour with Random Rab on special dates this month, hitting Sonic Blossom in Denver and The Manifestation Celebration in Austin, TX. Stay tuned for a HUGE special contest announcement tomorrow!